SaaS Offerings

A complete umbrella of apps and innovative tools for leisure and businesses alike, designed to make peoples lives easier, fun and more productive.

Cloud Solutions

We not only specialise in everything cloud, we have also devoted some of our best engineering in building our own cloud management solution.

Cool Appliances

Performance engineered appliances which are manufacturer tuned and out-of-the-box ready to be deployed in any organization.

Who we are / What we do

We are individuals with outstanding talent and expertise. We have extreme passion for technology and hi-tech, with a diverse field of technical disciplines & business know-how and a constant drive for innovation!

At TechIO we just simply love to innovate new, cost-effective, fast and modern technological solutions. We are a dynamic, agile and energetic team focused on one goal, to develop new opportunities for your business.

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    Young & Seasoned

    We have been in the Telecom, IT & Media industries for the past 20 years. Our team of professionals are well known for their ability to execute under strict deadlines, while producing quality work always exceeding our client’s expectations

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    Understanding uniqueness

    We believe in the uniqueness of each client and we share our group dynamics, team effort and passion with you.

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    Extreme diversity

    We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals, experienced in a wide variety of fields, from telecommunications, technology and finance to enterprise web applications, online media and mobile industries.

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    Higher standards

    Industry standards have grown much over the past two decades and we take pride of ourselves for setting them even higher, one client at a time.